March 3, 2010

I'm glowing :D

I've been unwell for AGES now. I had a bout of herpes, followed by fever and an eye inflammation that just won't go away. I'm not allowed to wear my contacts either so I'm feeling all frumpy in my specs. And to top it all off, my skin's been looking all tired and stressed and you all know why I'm trying to look gorgeous! 

But I'm not writing this post to whine about my problems in life (yes, you can heave a sigh of relief now). This is to review something that has worked wonders for my skin and made me look radiant - the Biotique Clove Oil and Wild Turmeric face pack.
This pack is an anti-blemish pack so it's very suitable for those who are prone to pimples or spots or those who want to slightly even out their patchy skin. It spreads on to the face very easily but has a slightly tingly sensation that might take a bit of getting used to. However, that doesn't last very long and the pack is dry in a jiffy. You can wash it off with warm water but I gently swabbed it off with cotton pads dipped in rose water. 

 I'm not usually the type to put something that I've not whipped up myself on my face. But I made an exception to try this out and I'm beyond pleased with the results. Try it if you're in the mood for a skin pick me up. 

But if you'd rather not spend and you want scrumptious skin, I have a home made solution for dull, patchy skin. Just mix two tbsp of curd with one tbsp honey and apply it onto your face. Wash off with warm water in ten minutes. And go out looking your radiant best!

P.S. Yes I know I've never reviewed anything beauty related ever. But I may make this a regular feature. Any feedback? Like it or hate it, let me know. :D

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Dm said...

i'm so gonna buy this now :> tell the biotique guys to pay you!

going down right this very moment to mix curd+honey. I like honey, to feed me and to feed my skin.

cool review! so looking forward to more beauty reviews from the bride-to-be and make-up review also!!! lipbalm review also.

ok bye!

ps- whats the cost

sulagna ™ said...

baby visit this website called will thank has everything you wanna know.. everything(even how to fold a shirt in 3 seconds)

ki said...

Dm: 180 bucks :D not bad because I've used it lots of times and I still have tons left!
And yes, let me find some good makeup phir woh bhi review hoga :D

Sulagna: goinggggggg :D
and thanks in advance only babe :)

Americanising Desi said...

wow .. can i apply it to get rid of blemish marks?

ki said...

it's an anti blemish pack so it would help you get rid of them, i'm sure :D plus an instant glow is something any girl would love!

Ria said...

oh wow!!thats a ncie product that u spoke of, i think i need to get it now. :)

ki said...

Ria: He he go ahead. :D

Pavitra .... said...

hey i'm gonna try this one out!! And i'm gonna try the home made one right now....
and about the beauty reviews...I think you should make it a regular feature..! :)

ki said...

Pavitra: :D I will!