March 4, 2010

Love story :P

A random meeting+a few comments on blogger+a few general emails = finding the love of your life? Doesn't sound possible, does it? Well it happened to me. The same guy who started off as that random friend, then became the guy I'd ask for boyfriend advice (yes, I feel silly even admitting it) and became so close that we'd exchange hundreds of text messages every day without it amounting to any logical conversation announced one beautiful Sunday morning that he'd never let me go back if I ever came to France and that he wants my ring size! Surprisingly, despite not having known him for very long, I didn't say no.

We had the longest conversations planning our lives together, unsure when and how it would happen but getting more and more convinced that we were headed in one direction. Sort of stupid of us, really, considering that we stayed at opposite ends of the country and that he kept travelling abroad. Still, he'd keep meeting me whenever possible and spent gazillions of rupees on phone bills - staying by my side through the smallest of things like shopping trips and huge things like exams.

He was moving to France though and both of us had huge arguments about how we were going to manage this version of long distance. It was a scary time for us both and we were at our uncertain best. But we got through that as well. My brave man even faced up to my mom's questioning and told her his "intentions" and she was floored! After some initial reservations, even his parents agreed wholeheartedly. It all happened so quickly that even now, I stop to think how we could have been so lucky.

It was a big decision planning when and how we would get married. I'm just twenty so we had to answer a lot of questions and ignore numerous hurtful comments. But hats off to my parents, they managed everyone's curiousity very well and (I suspect) they didn't even let half the crap reach me. And of course, he was always there, rushing out of meetings to walk up and down the corridor in his office, pacifying me! His parents, despite health issues, have gone all out in the planning process and I could not have found nicer in laws. I'm grateful that I will never have to face the typical evil mother in law!!! 

Why am I reliving all this now? Because I'm going to be his fiancĂ©e in one week! I won't be blogging for a bit ('cos I have to go get engaged!!!) but this long post should more than make up for my absence. I'm signing off with a gust post that he had once written for my blog. 

Dear Kirti,

Oh boy! What can I say about you that hasn't been said before?!! Smart, chirpy, full of life & an awesome writer! And beneath all of that is someone with a wonderful heart that cares very much for people & makes them feel at ease in any given situation.

I remember the first bits of conversation surrounding marriage & what we felt about it, discussing the pros & cons of every situation. And we have never looked back since then, have we? It's amazing to know that we have grown so fond of each other over such a short span of time. The first few conversations made you see the real 
Karthik, the perennially sarcastic one with a very practical approach to life, with absolutely no flavor for hypothetical situations. But you did not give up on me, did you? You were very persistent in making sure that I said something other than 'hmmmm' in varying intonations. And I am pleasantly surprised that it is possible for me speak for half of the time during our conversations. Yay! :D

You've been by my side while I've made some very important decisions in my life. Been by my side during all this crazy travel & made me feel as though everything's normal & never gave me the chance to feel homesick. Vodafone & T-Mobile will be laughing their way to the bank this quarter :D

What story wouldn't be complete without a few tiffs? Remember the time I stood in the sun for 34 minutes? Or the time I stood by the lake in sub-zero temperatures? Or the time I was almost carried away by a gust of storm wind? Oh oh oh, how about the time.. Err, never mind, you get the point don't you? :P
Whenever you feel like yelling at poor little Karthik, give yourself a little whack on the head & you'll see things crystal clear :)

I sense that this is fast becoming a post about Karthik Jayaraman & not Ki. So here goes!

Kirti Aparajita Kumar, you truly are a great friend, a great listener (even if you don't realise that by now), the perfect confidante & I am oh so glad that I found you!! :)

All the best for everything that's ahead of you, you silly little bundle of joy. Rest assured that Oldie's out there looking after you.

Loads of love,



20 people had something to say:

Dm said...

now this is the baap of cuteness :)

i loved the letter he wrote to you.. reminded me of his first letter that he sent me..

its such a good feeling to go back to those initial days when things had just started between you and your guy.. and whats better than written words or pictures taken at that time..

makes you feel you've traveled together.. and reached this place where you are walking together hand in hand even though you were apart most of the time. feeling of pride :)

and now you guys are getting engaged !! feels grreeattttt!!!

have fun you! you're gonna have the time of your life :*

ki said...

Dip: Best part is, we were just friends when we wrote this. :P I should've just seen the signs!!! :P

I's so warm and cosy to revisit old memories! That's what I've been doing at home these days :)

Thanks for the good wishes, I plan to have a GREAT time (extra to make up for his absence!)

<3 :*

Phoenix said...

the Best way to begin a day with beautiful news!!

congrats ki im so happy for you..may your engagement open floodgates of beautiful things ahead!!

lots of love


sulagna ™ said...

awww awwww awww...i mean awwww <3 <3 bless you guys ya..i see that i know of another couple now who will be sharing life without even realising that they are each others life :) :)

love you baby and loads loads loadsss of luck for the big day..m so excited too!!!

Chanz said...

awwwwwwwww... really awwwwwwww..

This is so cute.. sound so much like a fairy tale..

I am so happy for u honey..

wish you good luck..

ki said...

Raka: Thanks :D
Your wishes mean a lot :)

Sulagna: Bas if we get even HALF of what you anf G have na... :D

Chanz: Thanks so much! :)

blunt edges said...

"cute" is all i can say :D

Meera said...

AWWW!! Such a CUTE post. :D I absolutely loved the last sentence of his letter!!

You are so for each other! :D

Have a blast at the engagement...YOUR engagement. :D :D

Love you *his* bundle of joy! :) :) :)

Mads said...

This is the super best love story I have heard till now...after blogger Nidhi's love story i.e. :D

I loved his post more than whatever rubbish u wrote :P kidding... :P I'm so damn happy for u guys.
And am so glad u aren't taking shit from assholes..
love u a lot :) :* all the best with preparations..unplug the stupid computer and ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love :)

Shanu said...

:) That was very cute :)

Trinaa said...

Omg!! I disappear for a few days and you get engaged? Woo hoo! Congrats lady! :))

freelancer said...

this is magical
wish u loads of wishes

ki said...

blunt: zank you :D

meera: thanks thanks your comment only is supercute :D

mads: what's nidhi;s?! I dunno :-S

shanu: :) thanks

trinaa: this is why you should NEVER disappear!!!
Thanks babe :)

freelancer: zankss :)

Harini said...

aww! That was so so so cute.

ki said...

Harini: :D

ironmonkey said...

Not all people are lucky as you, cherish what you have, and I'm happy for you :)

I'm just another random person from the interwebs wishing you luck.

ki said...

ironmonkey: I will. Thanks so much! :)

Pavitra .... said...!! You are getting engaged!! I'm so happy for you..! you are so very lucky to have someone who loves you so much! The post was so very cute! Reminds me of the lines...

"Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone
I love you and that's all I really know
I talked to your dad
Go pick out a white dress
It's a love story
Baby, just say yes"
-Love story, Taylor Swift

ki said...

Pavitra: THANK YOU!!! I was so happy to find your blog again :D

Shalini said...

You are so lucky!