February 27, 2010

Back with a bang

I started blogging around 3 years back, I think. I just needed a place where my seventeen year old self could shout out at the world without being shouted at in return. (And if any of you knew me when I was that confused seventeen year old, you'll recognise the blog's name as well.)

But at twenty, I KNOW that the world isn't a very kind place, that even in the blog world, there are always people who are out to get you for their own 'meancreepytwisted@##@$%%@' reasons. So why am I back to blogging? Because there's another thing that I've learnt in these three years (and was reminded of by a few people) - running away doesn't solve anything. I like blogging. I like writing in a place where I know for a fact that people will be reading. I like the friends that my blog has introduced me to. So I'm going to keep at it and this time, for good.