March 2, 2010

Facing up to things

God. Sometimes I wish I had been more of a girly girl all my life. You know the kind I mean? Perfect clothes, styled hair, shades, high heels and flawless make up that almost isn't there. Me? I wear whatever I like even if it isn't perfect, my hair has a zillion bad days, I've never worn shades, I hate heels and I've NEVER worn make up. Sure, I'm a kajal (kohl) addict and I own a gazillion lip balms but that's it. And suddenly, life springs a wedding on me.

I know I'll be expected to have some make up on. And I'm going to have to throw myself at the mercy of some parlour lady and hope for the best. But the problem is - the major functions are in Madras. So it won't even be MY parlour! To make things worse, my boyfriend insists that make up will make me look either orange or deathly white and "plastic". Great. Just great. Way to take the pressure of me baby.

I asked a few friends and went out and bought something called Maybelline Matte Mousse. It looked good in the shop. Really, it did. And it felt all soft and like it would be like heaven to put on. Nope. I tried some on for a party yesterday and ended up with people asking me why I was looking so pale. And this with my engagement less than two weeks away. Now I'm scared out of my wits. What if I look like a clown?! I know what I want - a tinted moisturiser type of thing. Something that's barely there but makes my skin a bit more 'wow'. But I don't know where on earth I'm going to find something like that. Help?

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sulagna ™ said...

Ki baby..i do understand the confusion you will have but hear is what the make-up mama has to stay..since its summer, and its Madras, avoid anything moisture based, cause it maaighht leave you with a sweating skin, go for the uber useful foundation,check which shade suist your skin and then dust some loose(compact ) powder on, if it feels heavy just daba tissue on it. Apply some kajal and do your eyes well, and justa tinge of blush on the cheeks(remember the word"justa tinge) and lip color too needs to be very light, and lots of gloss to compliemnt the eyes and the blush on the cheeks...Voilaa!!! pretty Ki is done

Dm said...

oii did you apply a lot of it at the party? dabbed with fingers .. or sponge right? makes a difference how well you blend the foundation with the skin

maybelline mattemousse comes in a few shades..maybe you got the one that's shades lighter than your skin tone and it made you appear pale?

complicated stuff!

Dm said...

watch a lot of videos

Chanz said...

you are so much like me man...the only make up I weat is Kohl and lip gloss. thats it.. The best thing to do is to leave to the women in the parlour...

Btw congrats for your engagement..

ki said...

sulagna: Wow. Someone who knows what she's doing :D lemme TRY this out and i'll tell you how it went :D

Dm: Fingers :-S
I have NO idea what's wrong with it. Lemme look at a video or two and try again or

Chanz: The parlour woman will fix it :D

Harshita said...

Ki, I tried MAC ka stuff once for a is good..if u can find it here..

If I had known earlier wud have brought it for u when I was away for the trip iss baar n couriered :|

Sorry! All the best...I think the links Dm gave will help a lot.

ki said...

Oye harshi! Don't be sorry... i'm sure I can find it here if I try... abhi for the engagement I'll see what I can do, then shaadi ka sochenge :D

J said...

Make up in Madras.. during summers.. all the best ;)

Pesto Sauce said...

So some one is excited to be a bride....looking forward to your grand wedding

The Bald Guy said...

Seriously, no one, and I mean no one, ever looks at the function pictures except once maybe.

Don't bother.

And you don't have to take advice from me, I'm bald! :P

Sakshi said...

WHAT functions are in Chennai!!! You don't want us at your wedding... !!! Doncha worry about the make up. You can always ask the parlour wali aunties to do a test make up first. And have loads of water. And, ahem, stay indoors. Natural beauty and glow will come from within. :)

ki said...

J: Why must all men be so discouraging?! :P

Pesto sauce: Thanks :D

Ramit: I'm going to look at them very very often!!! :P
and what does bald have to do with giving advice?!

Sakshi: Engagement n shaadi toh wahin hai na! Don't want karthik's parents to not be able to attend!

Yes, I'm doing the water and indoors thing (compulsorily 'cos of my eye) and I'll have to lave myself at the mercy of the parlour ladies only :P