May 25, 2011

And it's a strange feeling...

...when it seems like you don't know yourself anymore. You don't know the girl that went to college, that had a great job, that loved to read and to go to dance class.

And it's a strange feeling when some 'time off' seems to make you confused about where you wanted to go in the first place - do you really want that Master's in sociology? Or this business idea that you have - are you really good enough?

And it's a strange feeling when you're not just a baby anymore and you have to shoulder some responsibilities, when no one is going to take care of you anymore, when you have to stand up and do what is right and not what you want.

My name is Aparajita Karthik and I am rediscovering myself in bits and pieces. What I've learned so far?
Well, I really need to start writing again and I'm making a conscious effort to keep a journal. I'm not half as good as I used to be, but it's easy to get better when you know you used to be good.
I'm not sure about Sociology - I couldn't tell you anything about how a Masters degree in that would benefit me. But I do know that I want to start studying French again and once we're done with our move next month, I plan to join again. 3 hours a day/5 days a week. Sounds intense, huh? Well, just because I don't want to study Sociology doesn't mean I should sit at home and be a dud. And yes, I do know that I want to create my own makeup in the future someday, which brings me to the wonderful point about being responsible.
I need to work and earn some money and start saving to be able to do that someday. More importantly, my husband, who runs two houses on one person's salary would appreciate me taking some of it on.

Sigh. Married life is a blast, thankgod because growing up AND living a blah life while doing it would be the death of me. Still, there is a lot to do and one silly little Ki who has to learn to do it.