March 1, 2010


I stopped playing Holi two three years ago. I'm not sure why I stopped - maybe because my best friend moved away or maybe because people started playing with eggs and grease and some weird silver paint that wouldn't wash off no matter what. But today, I woke up with an excited feeling in the pit of my stomach. My mind screeched 'holi haiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' and I decided that I WOULD go down to play, no matter what.

Yeah, that didn't happen. I'm having some eye problems and my engagement being just ten days away (yes, I count the days. Wouldn't you?!) my worried parents decided that I wasn't allowed to play Holi this year. So while the three of them (my parents and my brother) ran downstairs, I was forced to watch all the excitement from my balcony. I felt like such a fool for missing all this excitement all these years. All the kids would crowd under my balcony and yell at me to come down but I'd nod sagely from above and pretend like I was too old for colours and water balloons. I guess I always thought I could go back when I wanted.

And now, it's over. This was my last Holi in Delhi. Next year, I'll be in France (I think) where no one's even heard of this wonderful festival (stupid froggies) or in Chennai where I'm not sure people play Holi or even if they do, I'm not sure who I'd play with or what my in laws would think if I came back looking all 'bluegreenpinkredyellow'!

Anyway, Happy Holi to you all. Hope you played to your hearts' content, enough to make up for my not playing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH to Dm and HAPPY ENGAGEMENT MONTH to me!!! :)

P.S. The link for the wedding webpage is there on the header. Do check it out. :D

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Dm said...

Happpppy MARCH my darling!!! It's going to be the most memorable month for you before the BIG DAY of course.. many many more special days coming up your way ! :) Its just the beginning ehhehe..Fun


even i don't play holi, i like water but not colors, i get very worried. i go wash my face 5 minutes after someone applies any color on my face.

in France, put some color on Ka next year. make something in the kitchen lol, play with flour! and throw some water on his head :D

Dm said...

good decision to avoid holi this year, you don't want rashes !!

and its so hot today. rashes + sunburn.. bad bad bad

Sakshi said...

Happy holi Sweetie- Even I was indoors...!!! And, Happy Engagement month.. :)

Harshita said...

Happy Holi Ki...

Bribe Karthik to bring u back to Delhi one of these years to celebrate holi :)


ki said...

Dm: he he he he he :D I hope ka's not reading. 'cos he's gonna get DRENCHED :D
and yeah, no rashes = VERY GOOD DECISION.

Sakshi: why were you indoors babe?

Harshi: Bribe? More like ORDER! :D
Happy Holi :)

The Bald Guy said...

Good luck Ki! If it's any solace I never play. But then who said I'd ever do anything exciting!

:) I'm so happy for you!

peter said...

It's been six years i haven't played holi ..I have become allergic to colors :-s

Saw that wedding page guys can star in a movie called "karthik Calling Kirti" ...PJ I know :P

Happy blogging and Happy Holi-Day :)

blunt edges said... u are that aloof lady who didn't get into the colors! ;)

happy holi 2 u too...n congrats on the engagement :)

ps: didn't u have another blog? or are u a different ki with the same wedding blog? :o

ki said...

Ramit: EEEE! I'm excited for me too :D

Peter: Aww :(
Ha ha if I had a rupee for every time someone cracked that joke... :P I'd be RICH :D

Blunt: Same ki, same wedding, different blogger blog :D

Shalini said...

Happy BELATED engagement month!