September 29, 2010

Life as it is

The good:

I'm working on a book where *I* am the editor.
The wedding is just 2 and a half months away.
I'm blogging again (sort of).

The bad:

Not one of my so-called friends is coming for my wedding. Has life after college pulled us THAT far apart?

4 people had something to say:

Sakshi said...

Congrats for the Good!
The wedding would be just great.. and I am still awaiting my card ;)!

Don't worry girl.. its your day, and I 'll tell you something that TFD told me that, what matters the most is that people who truly, love and care would be there no matter what!

And this is what Shayon has always told me- That when it is your day, you have to be happy. It is the world at loss who is not sharing your happiness!

Take care.. and have all the fun! You deserve it!

Jeweliot said...

the 'good' is way too good :)

Jack said...


Do tell when the book is out. Best of luck for wedding. Time will fly and it will be there.

Take care

ki said...

Aww people still commenting makes my day :)